Heartbeat Monitors

Heartbeat monitors are a special kind of push monitor. Instead of using a script to send us data, all you need to do is visit a special URL we give you. When you visit the URL it will count as a successful check. If we don't receive a visit in (x) amount of minutes, we will mark that monitor as down and trigger any notifications you have setup.

Example Uses

Multiple App Servers

If you have multiple app servers that live behind a proxy, you won't know if an individual server is having trouble as traffic should be moved to the working server. With a heartbeat monitor, you can have each app server checkin with HitMyServer so you know it's running.

Cron Jobs

Getting emailed every time your cronjob fires off can be annoying. Instead use a heartbeat monitor and get notified when it doesn't go off. Below is an example for how easy it is to setup.

* * * * * /my/command && curl https://hitmyserver.com/heartbeat/[callback-url]